Kate and Terrence history started by the water so, this destination wedding at Fortaleza do Guincho near the sea was the best way to celebrate their love.

The two met in the United States of America and their love story began in Miami in 2014 during the month of September. It was when the two went to the same pool party that it all happened. Terrence started talking to Kate and after some flirting decided to throwing Kate into the pool, but Kate could not swim and Terrence also jumped to save Kate.

The sparkle between them began that day, but Kate had to go back to Europe. They continued to talk every day and Terrence eventually went to Poland to meet Kate’s family and from there they never separated again.

So it’s been four years since the day they met until Terrence asked Kate to marry him. After that, they decided to marry outside their countries of origin. So, they chose to marry in Portugal, having a destination wedding at Fortaleza do Guincho.

Destination Wedding – Fortaleza do Guincho – Charm Hotel

Fortaleza do Guincho is a five star charm hotel with lateral beach view through a small fortress window located in the cloister. In 2001 the restaurant received one Michelin star, renewed held until today. Since its beginning in 1998, some of the modern references in Portuguese cuisine were part of the Fortaleza do Guincho team.

This type of wedding ends up giving a small holiday in the Portuguese lands to the guests, a factor that everyone appreciates.

It was at the end of the day that their love was celebrated in a symbolic way. With an intimate and emotional ceremony and with the sound of the Atlantic waves hitting the rocks as background music, they swore love and promise of fellowship.

The rest of the day was marked by a series of very emotional speeches during the dinner, culminating in a lively dance floor.


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