Along with video, wedding photography is the best way to make your day everlasting. Check here a wedding party photography best off.

We are not only photographers but also wedding videographers and in recent years we have had the privilege of being able to record several unforgettable moments at weddings.

Every moment of the day is important, from the preparations to the end of the night, when the dance becomes the protagonist and it’s when people become more loose and informal.

There are no couples who do not want to have a fun and memorable party. Having this objective as one of the main focuses, the night time, is undoubtedly one of the most important elements and so we decided to set up this selection of wedding party photography.

So, good music and careful lighting are the main ingredients to start a good night of dancing.

Here you can check a photo selection of the best night moments of the countless weddings we have already photographed.

We are wedding photographers and videographers based in Lisbon, but available to work anywhere in the globe.

You can see our complete portfolio here.

In addition to wedding photography, you can also record your day on video. Here is an example of a wedding video where the party played a key role.

If you want to see more wedding videos click here.

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